October 13, 2017

SECRET V's - S/T EP (1980)

Catchy Vancouver power pop that wouldn't have sounded out of place on a bill with the Pointed Sticks or Modernettes. They put out another 12" EP the same year that featured the track "Waiting For The Drugs To Take Hold", which was recently included in the Georgia Straight's Top 50 list of best songs to come out of Vancouver. This 12" was released on Friends Records, the same label that put out D.O.A.'s first two LPs, "Incorrect Thoughts", "Vancouver Independence" and Randy Rampage's solo EP. After the Secret V's disbanded, their bass player went on to have a career in rockabilly as Ray Condo.  
1. Modern Boy
2. Coffee Girl
3. Empty
4. She Only

October 8, 2017


Debut double 7" from this long defunct Edmonton pogo punk outfit. They released another 7" and an LP before trimming down to a 3 piece and becoming a straight up Oi band. Singer Greg later moved to Vancouver and kept the street punk sound in his later projects (Subway Thugs, The Lancasters, Alternate Action and currently Bishops Green).
1. Society
2. I Dunno What
3. Greedy Fortune
4. Waste
5. Visual Discrimination
6. Go Away

October 1, 2017

PROXY - Muerte Aguarda tape (2015)

Montreal Motörpunk that featured members of Inepsy and Truncheons. Only 74 copies of this tape were made for their 2015 Mexico tour and included their three 7" singles as well as some unreleased songs. Even though it's listed, 'Fountain Of Youth' is not actually on this tape if anyone cares. 
1. Death Awaits
2. Times Up
3. Downtown Drunk Tank
4. Parasites
5. Police Car
6. Slow Suicide
7. Lawless
8. Fine Wine
9. Undone
10. Skeleton Eyes

September 24, 2017


This compilation is kinda like the sequel to "Fuck The Commonwealth" as it features a lot of the same bands from that record. One of my personal favourites on here is the Blundermen's killer cover of the 4 Skins' "Chaos". How come no one puts out comps like these anymore?

September 17, 2017

HIGH CIRCLE - 6 Track EP (1985)

Like Chain Reaction, I discovered this Italian band from the 'Love/Hate' compilation. I found a copy of the third pressing for a decent price even though it's long out of print. With all the reissues coming out in recent years I'm surprised no one's re-released it. They also put out two more albums with a different singer and a bit more of a post hardcore kinda sound.
1. Rabbia
2. High Circle
3. Aiuta La Tua Scena
4. Lucida Follia
5. Skate Ride
6. Troppe Scelte

September 11, 2017

SS DECONTROL - The Kids Will Have Their Say LP (1982)

I think it's safe to say this record needs no introduction. Yeah it's appeared on a thousand other blogs, but I thought I'd post it because who knows if and when this will ever be reissued. Ripped from the 2015 Mexican fanclub (bootleg) edition.

September 6, 2017

BLACK MARKET FRUITS - Demos (1995-96)

HUGE thanks to Chris Iller who ran Canadian punk/HC label Fans Of Bad Productions for sending me these long lost demos last week. It was through compilations he put out back in the 90's like "Fuck The Commonwealth" where I first heard this Victoria band. I've always wanted to hear more from them and for years I searched online to no avail. Although it's a shame the Fruits never had a proper release at least they left behind these recordings. It only took me two decades to finally hear them but hey, better late than never eh?
September 1995
1. When A Fascist Dies - Celebrate
2. Exploiter
3. Indigenous
4. Lifer / Element
5. Die Nazi Die
6. Dischord
7. Officer Down
8. Flowin' For The Masses
9. Reservation
10. So Called Hero
11. Metal
12. New One
13. Zero
14. Mambo Kisses Freakshow

March 1996
15. Lifer / Element
16. Carrio
17. Officer Down
18. Exploiter
19. When A Fascist Dies - Celebrate
20. Die Nazi Die
21. People's Justice